Golden Retriever Stories
Golden Retriever Stories
Golden Retriever Stories

This is Emily, Willow’s puppy, with
an older brother
Golden Retriever Stories
Golden Retriever Stories

"This one is missing a lower leg bone," Robin observed, handling one of Julie's ten-day-old pups. "The pad is just below the elbow."

Jay dropped down next to the puppy pen and examined the puppy's short front leg. "I didn't notice this before," he said sounding disappointed.

"It's not that bad. The pad is intact; he'll just have a slight limp. But, I don't think we can place him with the Lexus/Beamer crowd," Robin replied.

"I know. I'm upset with myself for not noticing the anomaly sooner."

Robin caressed the back of Jay's neck and put the puppy to one of Julie's nipples. "I'm sure Little Gimpy Paw will do just fine."

Here’s Lil Mel, Emily’s daughter with her first litter

At seven weeks Jay took the litter to the vet and he said, "This pup will probably need an amputation," while looking at Little Gimpy Paw. The trusting puppy licked the vet's hand.

Jay looked all around at the examination room, everywhere but meeting the vet's eyes. This doctor owned the animal hospital. Jay didn't agree with him and wondered if this vet was setting him up to pay for an unnecessary operation. He knew sometimes vets are like medical doctors and don't choose to do cost-effective medicine. This was the same vet who had told Jay you can't treat hotspots topically, and Jay had found if you catch them when still the size of a coin, a shave and athlete's foot powder could dry up these skin infections so common to goldens. "We'll see how he develops," Jay responded in a deadpan voice.

The next week Jay took Little Gimpy Paw back to the same animal hospital for a second opinion from a vet who was on salary. She said, "He should be fine except for a limp." This vet snuggled with the pup, and he sneezed on her. Jay smiled and thought, no good deed goes unpunished.

Jay had just got in his truck to drive home when one of the hospital's technicians was standing at his window. She was a big country girl and said, "I'd love to have Little Gimpy Paw. If you give him to me I'll raise him very carefully and he'll be my best friend. I could never afford to buy a golden like him."
"Uh . . ." And Jay realized he had to make a quick decision. "Who are you?"

"Nicki Tyler. I love dogs." And Jay could see the longing, the desire in her eyes." Little Gimpy Paw was in Jay's lap and he held the pup up for Nicki to rub his head.

"Forty dollars, and he's yours. Nicki, I can't give him to you for free because people don't value what they don't pay for."

Nicki looked glum for a second. "I'll try and get the money. Can I call you next week?"

"Please do," Jay said. Nicki Tyler bought Little Gimpy Paw and, after a year, corresponded with Jay and Robin, including pictures. Gimpy Paw was the star of his obedience and field trial classes. He'd even appeared on several local television programs.

"Little Gimpy Paw did just fine with you," Jay said.

"No." Nicki Tyler vehemently shook her head back and forth. "Now, his name is Achilles, and while he'll never be a show dog, Achilles is as fine a champion as any golden that ever pranced around a show ring."

Golden Retriever Stories
Golden Retriever Stories Golden Retriever Stories
Golden Retriever Stories Golden Retriever Stories
Golden Retriever Stories Golden Retriever Stories Golden Retriever Stories Golden Retriever Stories

Golden Retriever Stories Golden Retriever Stories