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Golden Retriever Stories
Golden Retriever Stories
Golden Retriever Stories
Golden Retriever Stories

" The next weekend Jay and Robin sold the first of Julie's puppies. "I'm Roberta Gilbert, but everyone calls me Robbie, and this is my husband, Steve," the pretty woman said as they stepped onto the porch of Jay's log cabin on Campbell Creek. Jay led them around back to the outdoor pen where they kept the pups.

"What do you do?" Jay asked Robbie as they walked.

"I'm a psychologist and Steve is a spook, a spy for the CIA," Robbie said happily.

"I'm an analyst with a doctorate in geography," Steve explained. "I study agriculture around the world and try to predict where the next shortage might cause starvation or a war."

"That's fascinating," Jay said. "What do you see when you look into your crystal ball?"

"North Korea has had terrible floods, ruining the rice crop, and the people are pumped up, eager for war to grab the prosperous South. It could start next spring," Steve said, looking concerned.

"Really." Jay was thoughtful. "My broker just recommended South Korean stocks. He said they were booming. Their economy is supposed to take off like a rocket."

"Oh, they'll be rockets all right," Steve agreed, nodding his head.

"This is the one we picked out for you," Jay said as Robin handed a puppy to Robbie.

"Oh! He's so cute." She cuddled the puppy on her ample chest, and the little guy happily licked Robbie's cheek. The golden retriever puppy was very blond, almost white like a Great Pyrenees, and just eight weeks old.

"Little Moo Goo, you're so cute," she said, in a baby voice, into the puppy's face.

Jay looked at Steve, slightly distressed, who explained, "Robbie likes Moo Goo Gai Pan. It's either Moo Goo or we name him Chauncey," Steve unhappily finished Robbie's ultimatum.

"Oh, what's this on his neck?" Robbie asked. "Moo Goo has a boo boo!" Still in the baby voice.

"That's a hot spot," Robin explained. "It's just a skin infection caused by heat and humidity. Jay kept the litter on plastic and it was too warm in the whelping room. It will go away in a couple days now that the puppies are running around."

"Oh, poor little guy," Robbie said sympathetically, still in the goo-goo voice that was starting to irritate Jay. "Why don't we put you back and take a look at some of your brothers. This one looks all right," she said, picking up another puppy.

Robin looked distressed. Jay knew she was wondering what to say. The puppies were already assigned to the buyers. Jay was selling the litter from the bottom up. Since Robbie had no intention of showing or breeding her pet Jay was giving her the pup with a cowlick on his snout, and too narrow a head for showing. Jay would hold back the pups with the best, chunkiest, heads to co-own or sell to serious dog show/breeder people.

"You can't have that one," Jay said. "He's the alpha of the litter. He's going to a duck hunter who lives on eighty acres with a pond. A dog that hyper would take over your neighborhood.

"Now, you need little Mu Shu," Jay said, switching the puppies so the first one was comfortably back between Robbie's large breasts. "His temperament tests show he would be perfect for your sub-division."

"That's Moo Goo, not Mu Shu," Steve corrected.

"But, I'm worried about this boo boo," Robbie protested, examining the small scab on the pup's throat. "My vet said to pick the most perfect puppy."

Jay didn't want to let Robbie, the first buyer, get a chunky-headed pup so he decided to retreat. "You need the best pup suited to your psychological situation. And that is Moo Goo.

I'm so sorry about the tiny hot spot. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have used plastic and should've gotten a window air conditioner for the whelping room. Will you please forgive me?" Jay asked the psychologist.

"I really do apologize," Jay kept going and Robin seemed surprised. Jay knew his wife was thinking -- he never sucks up to me like that.

Moo Goo was very content, cradled comfortably on Robbie's expansive bosom. The longer the pup stayed there the quicker Robbie bonded to the little guy.

After Robbie and Steve left with the correct dog Jay explained to Robin, "She's a psychologist; they respect people who apologize; anyone who accepts responsibility, shows remorse, for a mistake done to others. So I kept saying I was sorry repeatedly, to distract her, and Robbie forgot all about," and Jay adopted Robbie's cutesy, toddler voice, "Moo Goo's little boo boo." And Robin smiled; she was also a psychologist.

Golden Retriever Stories
Golden Retriever Stories Golden Retriever Stories
Golden Retriever Stories Golden Retriever Stories
Golden Retriever Stories Golden Retriever Stories Golden Retriever Stories Golden Retriever Stories

Golden Retriever Stories Golden Retriever Stories